Lichkov Military Museum

Between the villages of Mladkov and Lichkov (approximately 13 km. from the town of Kraliky) you will find the above being developed in infantry bunkers K – S 32 and K – S 31.

At the present time K – S 32 is open to the general public and here you can see permanent exhibitions devoted to the following:    

Infantry bunker K-S 32 „Na růžku“ - historical facts

It is an independent two-bell structure facing both sides and marked as IInd level in terms of armour resistance. This particular infantry bunker was concreted between 7 December 1936 and 14 December 1936 as part of the building sub-sector 5./III. – Mladkov.

The cubature of the installation is 1570 cubic meters.


In the upper floor two shooting areas were placed in which you will find the main armaments – a double heavy machine-gun type 37, 7.92 mm. calibre (weapon M) and a fortress cannon, 47 mm. calibre which was mounted on a joint gun-carriage with a heavy machine-gun type 37, (weapon L1). These main weapons´ firing range was aimed towards K – S 33 to the left and K – S 31 and 30 to the right. The embrasure of these main weapons was torn out by the Wehrmacht in 1939. In the upper floor you will also find entrances to the armoured bells which served to observe the surrounding area and also to cover it with firepower.The left armoured bell was armed with a light machine-gun type 26, 7.92 mm. calibre (weapon N) and the right one with a heavy machine-gun type 37, 7.92 mm. calibre (weapon D). The installation was further equipped with four light machine-guns type 26 which protected the immediate surroundings including the peripheral obstacles. To serve to defend the diamond ditches and rear walls three grenade chutes were introduced. On this floor one would also find the munition store, the sleeping quarters of the non-commissioned officers, the commanders´room and the telephone operators.



On the lower floor the diesel (fuel) plant was installed to help to produce electrical energy as well as the machine room to ensure fresh air was available. Further, soldiers´ accommodation was found here along with the food store, a well, the land telegraphers´ office and toilets and washrooms.

Recent history:  

On 5 May 2001 ForteG began to reconstruct the installation K – S 32 („Na Růžku“) with significant support from the owner of the surrounding land, the Lichkov magistrate.

The ceremonial opening of the installation took place as part of the Cihelna 2001 Project.

Our overall aim is not to bring the bunker back to its original state as it was in 1938

  Ist floor

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